Your 123SmartBMS system consists of:

IN-board• one ”IN-board”, to be mounted on the first cell and connected to the current sensors


• as many ”slave-boards” as the number of the battery’s intermediate cells




• one ”OUT-board”, to be mounted on the last cell, harbors the relays as well as the Bluetooth-radio 



• two zero-energy-loss inductive current sensors

• your tablet or smartphone

• our free software for iOS & Android




123SmartBMS is the brain on your battery!

ideal for creating off-grid systems, featuring:

- hassle free and self-contained installation, no central controller-box or external power-supply needed
- communicates via Bluetooth 4.0 (low energy)
- ultra-low self-consumption
- comes with our free app for Android and iOS, displaying energy, power (harvested and consumed), current flow, voltage of the battery-pack, remaining capacity, voltage and temperature of each individual cell, etc.
- available for 12, 24, 36 and 48 Volt systems (other variations on request)
- auto adressing up to 255 cells
- includes 2 current-sensors of 100 Ampere (other variations on request)
- active 50/60 Hz noise-filter for current-sensors
- balancing-current 1.0 Ampere
- two bi-stable relays (ready to charge Y/N and ready to discharge Y/N) for example to control solar-charging and a DC/AC inverter
- LED's on each board to indicate active communication and balancing
- Dutch design and production; highest quality and functionality with a low price tag.


See our introductional video on Youtube below:

123SmartBMS (Battery Management System) manages a rechargeable battery-pack. It protects all cells from operating outside their safe operating range by monitor-ing each cell’s voltage and temperature. It also measures the charging- and discharging- current, calculates, reports energy flows and the actual state of charge.

123SmartBMS balances all cells to the same voltage during the charge process. SmartBMS is modular in design: each cell gets his own board, and the interconnection is a single wire.  A central controller is no longer needed, as the final board reports all its collected data wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet via a Bluetooth 4.0 smart/low energy connection whenever you want to see the battery status.
You can download the Android- & iOS-app at no cost.

123SmartBMS configuration settings:
- balancing-voltage threshold
- maximum/minimum cell voltage
- maximum/minimum cell temperature
- charge restart percentage threshold
- discharge restart percentage threshold
- solar/charge peak power 
- inverter/discharge peak power 
- battery capacity

     …and more!