What cells can be used?

Most block-type LiFeYPO4 cells, from 40 Ah and up. As the boards are mounted on the positive pole, different lenghts of thick copper-wire  to the negative pole adjusts for different cell-dimensions.

Can I use other cells then LiFeYPO4?

As all voltage-levels are user programmable (between 2 and 5 Volts) other battery types can be used too. Off course, battery technology is changing rapidly, and we are always prepared to help you solve particular problems.  

Do the BMS-boards increase self-discharge?

Yes, off course, although the BMS-boards use << 100 uA, which is roughly 1 / 50-th (!) of the self-discharge-current for a 90 Ah LiFeYPO4-cell.

The IN and OUT Boards are using very little current: less then 2 mA. Low enough to stay alive for years (!) on an average battery.

How many cells can I use?

A maximum of 255 cells can be used, albeit that the time needed to get a message through that many cells slows down the response-time of the individual cell voltages.

How does the balancing work?

Each BMS-board is equipped with a so-called 'programmable current-source'. Bypass-current is set to 1 Amp, irrespective of the bypass-voltage chosen.

The balancing happens when the battery pack is almost full of energy, this called "Top Balancing"

When the cell voltage gets above the selectable Bypass value the balanced-process will start dissipating 1 Amp until all cells have reached the bypass-voltage set.